Valentine’s Day ideas, seven romantic ideas for two

10 February 2021
Food & Wine
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Valentine’s Day just round the corner and you want to give your loved one a surprise? No problem, in this article we’ll recommend some fabulous places to spend the day of love and surprise your partner!

Just a few days to go before the arrival of Valentine’s Day on 14th February. So, what can we do to surprise our significant other? A classic gift or maybe something more special? As long as it’s unforgettable! So why not take a trip somewhere new, where you can relax, spend time together and enjoy the local sights.

Here are some romantic ideas to make your Valentine’s Day really special.


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In recent years, something has changed in the Langhe; it used to be an isolated place of valleys and hills. Today, this wonderful area has become an undisputed tourist destination, attracting large numbers of visitors who come every year to explore its beauty.

A seemingly endless succession of hills carpeted with vineyards, punctuated by hazelnut orchards and ancient villages where time appears to stand still. Historic wineries and medieval castles conceal a past that’s just waiting to be discovered.

These are just a few of the things that distinguish the Langhe wine region which, along with nearby Monferrato, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014.

What’s more, this area of unparalleled beauty is the perfect place to spend a few days steeped in culture and romance, discovering its unique character and secrets. Simply an amazing place to spend Valentine’s Day!

The best way to discover this delightful, even magical area, is definitely by car, as you’ll be able to wander wherever you please and really enjoy the breathtaking scenery. An obligatory stop on your trip is the small town of Barolo, built around the Falletti Castle, which is now home to the WiMu Wine Museum. Here wine becomes culture as the museum traces its history and development, from its origins to the present day. An exhibition packed with fascinating details, especially for lovers of this delicious nectar.

Barolo is just the first of many small villages, all different but all special in their own way. Then there are the villages of La Morra and Serralunga d’Alba. Along the way you’ll find yourself speechless and spellbound before the never-ending expanses of vines. This is the birthplace of prestigious Barolo and Nebbiolo wines.

If you want to impress your partner, you absolutely must visit a traditional winery combined with Barolo wine tasting in Serralunga d’Alba.



  • Palas Cerequio (Borgata Cerequio, 12064 La Morra CN – Tel. +39 173 50657)
  • Hotel Casa dei Conti Mirafiore (Via Alba 15, 12050 Serralunga d’Alba CN – Tel. +34 173 626670)
  • Réva (Loc. San Sebastiano 68, 12065 Monforte d’Alba CN – Tel. +39 173 789269)


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Florence is one of the most visited Italian cities, and the perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day. Also known as the Cradle of the Renaissance, it boasts one of the most beautiful historic centers in the world. Walking through the narrow streets of the city center, you’ll feel you’ve been transported to a magnificent place where time stopped at the Renaissance and the rule of the Medicis.

Today, evidence of that era is found in a multitude of places, all worth a visit. Just think of Florence Cathedral with its celebrated dome, or the Uffizi Gallery; then there’s the Accademia with Michelangelo’s David, and Palazzo Vecchio with the magnificent Salone dei Cinquecento. And don’t forget to stroll over Ponte Vecchio and admire its historic small shops with their magnificent windows.

All these places are definitely worth a visit and why not go with a local tour guide, who can tell you all about the history of the city and the secrets of the family that ruled it for so many years, pointing out its splendor and the legends behind the symbols you’ll notice as you explore.


  • Fishing Lab alle Murate (Via del Proconsolo, 16r, Florence – Tel. +39 55 240618)
  • Coquinarius (Via delle Oche, 11R, Florence – Tel. +39 55 2302153)


  • B&B Magnifico Messere (Via Roma, 1, Florence – Tel. +39 333 969 9308)
  • Hotel Kursaal & Ausonia (Via Nazionale 24, Florence – Tel. +39 55 496324)



If you decide to spend a few days in Tuscany, you have to visit Val d’Orcia.

In addition to Tuscany’s wonderful art cities, it also offers breathtaking scenery, and Val d’Orcia is certainly no exception. A land of rare beauty. Medieval villages, abbeys and castles nestle in a unique landscape of rolling hills dotted with cypress trees, where cultivated fields alternate with vineyards and olive groves, giving this place a unique and highly romantic atmosphere.

One of the marvels of this area, and well worth a visit, is Montalcino, an ancient stronghold of the Sienese, now home to the world-famous Brunello wine. An ancient town that retains all its medieval beauty. Time here seems to pass more slowly.

If you want to impress your partner, you should definitely visit an ancient castle, dating back to the Middle Ages and now housing a wine cellar. In this extraordinary place you’ll have the opportunity to step back in time and learn about the history of the town while enjoying the views of the Tuscan countryside.

In addition to the visit, we suggest relaxing into a tasting of excellent local wines and perhaps surprising your sweetheart with a delicious Tuscan lunch inside a castle.




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Franciacorta is located in the heart of Lombardy, a mere stone’s throw from Lake Iseo in the province of Brescia. Its ancient rolling hills, extraordinarily rich in minerals, are the hallmark of the high-quality viticulture that gives rise to Franciacorta wines, drunk and loved all over the world.

A unique gem of this area is the Wine Route, which begins at Lake Iseo, a lovely place to spend some time before heading out to the vineyards. You’ll be captivated at the mere sight of these delightful lakeshores. You can also take a boat trip to Monte Isola.

You can spend a day in aristocratic style, visiting the former holiday homes of the 17th-century Brescian nobility. Don’t miss Palazzo Porcellaga in Rovato and Palazzo Torri in Corte Franca.

Want to step back in time and explore a place with a unique history? Then you absolutely must visit a winery located in the heart of Franciacorta and with links to Pope Paul VI. Today, this estate is home to a winery. If you’re curious to sample the wines made at La Montina, you can book a tour with tasting to learn more about this fascinating place.



L’Albereta Resort (Via Vittorio Emanuele 23, 25030 Erbusco BS – Tel. +39 30 7760550 )

Cocca Hotel Royal Thai Spa (Via Predore 75, 24067 Sarnico BG – Tel. +39 35 4261361)


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Verona is one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Its beauty and charm have been well known since the time of the Bard, William Shakespeare, who set his celebrated story of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, in the city. In fact, Juliet’s birthplace is a must-see site during your visit to the city!

The Adige River, which flows through Verona, gives the city a particularly intimate and serene atmosphere. Verona’s historic center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. The reasons for its inclusion on the list are its unique urban structure and architecture. The latter developed expertly over the centuries, assimilating elements from different historical periods.

Finally, not far from Verona is the Valpolicella area, the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. What’s more, some of the world’s most prestigious and well-known wines are produced here: the famous Amarone della Valpolicella, an Italian wine excellence, has its roots in this area.

We recommend tasting the wines of Valpolicella to fully understand this area and comprehend its potential and excitement and – why not? – surprise your lover on Valentine’s Day.



  • Hotel Trieste (Corso Porta Nuova, 57, 37122 Verona VR, Tel. +39 45 596022)
  • I Tamasotti (Via dei Ciliegi, 10, 37030 Mezzane di sotto VR, Tel. +39 340 267 8144)


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If you want to escape the city, just a three-hour drive from Milan you’ll find Bormio. Nature and great food, sport and relaxation is all on offer in this town in Alta Valtellina.

The alpine atmosphere of its narrow streets and little squares is magical and intimate, like very few other places. In fact, the town is a small gem where medieval buildings and ruins sit side by side with 14th century architecture. One example is the Kuerc, which in local dialect means “lid,” and which together with the adjoining Bajona Tower is the symbol of the town.

If you want to feel like a real king or queen, try visiting some of Valtellina’s magnificent castles. The Castles Circuit will take you to discover castles, towers and churches in eight different municipalities in the valley (Tirano, Sernio, Lovero, Vervio, Tovo di S. Agata, Mazzo di Valtellina, Grosotto and Grosio). While visiting the castles you can also admire the wonderful apple orchards and numerous vineyards that make Valtellina one of the most renowned food and wine destinations in Italy.

In fact, food and wine is one of the drivers of the local economy. We recommend a unique experience in a local winery combined with a tasting of traditional local products. But absolutely not to be missed is lunch at a typical Valtellina trattoria, where you can savor local dishes, including the celebrated pizzoccheri and sciatt buckwheat fritters.

Bormio isn’t just about food; it’s also about sport. Here there are a number of spectacular ski slopes, including the world-famous Stelvio, where the world ski championships are held every year.

The après-ski scene, on the other hand, is devoted to the pursuit of well-being. So we recommend booking a visit to the magnificent QC Terme; in fact, you can choose between the historic Bagni Vecchi, with their two thousand years of history and ancient Roman Baths, and the Bagni Nuovi, which are more recent but equally beautiful. If you go to the Bagni Vecchi, soaking in the warm thermal water of the infinity pool while admiring the fabulous landscape of the Valtellina is an unforgettable experience.

Yes, in Bormio you’re spoiled for choice with so many activities on offer. Such a perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day!




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Art Nouveau style lends a certain air of romance to Turin, the capital of Piedmont. An ideal destination for couples, Turin will simultaneously thrill and impress you.

A visit to the Mole Antonelliana and the National Museum of Cinema will leave you with lasting memories of the city. The elevator ride up the Mole will add that special touch of magic we all seek on Valentine’s Day. The thrill of being with the one you love while admiring the whole city from the top of what was once Italy’s tallest tower is priceless.

In addition, the city was the seat of government for the last kings of Italy, the Savoys. And right here, thanks to a guided tour of the Royal Palace, you can learn all their secrets and their contribution to the city. You can lose yourself among its immense and richly decorated rooms, admire extraordinary furniture, and imagine dancing in the enormous ballroom, but also admire objects of daily life from past centuries.

Finally, enjoy a delicious bicerin, the hot, coffee-based drink that dates back to the 18th century and is one of the city’s flagships. Who knows, perhaps in the famous and historic Caffè Al Bicerin.



And how about you? Any suggestions for surprising your lover on Valentine’s Day? Tell us your ideas!

In the meantime…


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