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11 January 2021
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Over the past year we’ve given a lot of thought to writing our own Travel Blog. We’ve often wondered what we might write about and whether you’d like to read something by us. And finally, while we wait to be able to travel again, here’s the first article of our Travel Blog.

What will we write about? Will it be interesting? Will anyone read it?

These are some of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves for months. And in any case….

Will we have time to write? Won’t we just write the first few articles and then run out of ideas?

But then, stubborn as only two girls from Lombardy can be, we decided to give it a try, and here we are, ready to start our Travel Blog!

Well, 2020 wasn’t easy; it was supposed to be our year. The year that should have brought us successes large and small; but instead, an unexpected and unpredictable worldwide pandemic put everything on hold and forced us to rethink our plans.

Now what? What do we do? How do we respond?

Other questions our minds wrestled with, alongside:

Can we do it?

Moments of sadness, anger and discouragement alternated with times of strength and the desire to overcome the challenges. We fought like lionesses, and we continue to do so today. Fists at the ready and teeth gritted, like a pro boxer in the ring during a fight. We live one day at a time, as we say in our neck of the woods, always trying to fight back and never giving in to despair. Now, we’re in a temporary stalemate; a pause, a winter hibernation, waiting to hear:

“You can travel again!”

Would you like to hear those words? We simply can’t wait! We’re so looking forward to:

  • GETTING BACK to our beloved work and CONTRIBUTING to the recovery of a sector that’s struggling;
  • Returning to our BUSY LIVES and spending our days at our computers, sending emails and making calls to our guests and our partners;
  • WELCOMING all the travellers and tourists from Italy and abroad who until a few months ago were eager to visit our country, and who are now at home, dreaming and planning their trips;
  • ENJOYING the sight of our squares packed with people and our TOURIST GUIDESsmiling at last, happy and proud to show you the wonders of Italy and share their knowledge and culture;
  • Drinking a great Italian espresso in the bar with our friends;
  • And why not, maybe even doing some SHOPPING!!!

You’re probably wondering who we are … Well, we’re two born-and-bred Lombardy women, madly in love with our region. We embarked on our adventure in January 2019, and today, more than ever, we’re sure we made the right decision. We live in one of the world’s most beautiful and most visited countries, and if you add the fact that TOURISM is our bread and butter, who wouldn’t want to be a Tour Operator?


A little bit crazy, very creative and with a burning desire to show you what Italy, our wonderful country, has to offer.

Since physical travel is currently limited due to the restrictions imposed by every country in the world, we’ve decided to keep you company in the coming weeks by bringing our articles directly into your home so that you can travel with your mind. We want to show you new places and perhaps remind you of wonderful places that you might have visited before, but whose details are sometimes overlooked. So here it is, our first article of many, as we look forward to travelling again, because together we’ll get there!

Don’t miss our “Culture Shots” – that’s what we’re calling them! We’ll travel together to our destinations and discover all the secrets and stories of these fantastic places. We’ll learn about regions like Piedmont and discover the wonderful landscape of the Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; we’ll go to Turin, the city that preserves precious traces of the past glories of the Savoys. We’ll pass through Milan, where we’ll walk together to Piazza Duomo and admire the world-famous symbol of the city, Milan Cathedral; we’ll also visit Florence to explore the Florentine Renaissance and learn the secrets of the Medici family; we’ll visit Romein search of the glorious Roman Empire. And there’s much more!

Meanwhile, you can get an idea of who we are and what we do on our website, by clicking:

Italy Hidden Experiences

In the hope of meeting in person soon and sending all our love,

Carlotta Eleonora 1 768x545 1

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